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When & What

Rules for beginning character creation:

1. Up to level 4 only! (Unless you have made an arrangement with me)

2. Character sheets need to be turned into me PRIOR to game beginning for approval.

3. If you have questions ask me! I can make exceptions on a few things or help make your character better by doing other things.

4. NO Great Horned Dragons, NO Super Sayens, NO Chiang Ku dragons, NO Cosmo Knights. NO God-like OCC/RCCs. If you have questions on whether your RCC/OCC is allowed, ask first before you go through the effort of creating your characters logs.

5. During conflict or argument about whether something is allowed or isn’t, GM (or Goddess in this case) is final law.

6. These rules can and will change.

*Extra helpful information. Your character will undoubtedly be required to have some ability to protect itself if required. Consider this when creating your character.


Don’t forget your alignment!!

Character Creation

We finished Characters for most all members of the Campaign. If you are in the campaign and you feel you do NOT have a good idea of what or who your character is, get with me and I’ll help you. Remember, all characters must be done prior to the game beginning. As a matter of fact…all characters must be finished by no later then Sunday March 22nd so they can be placed into the story line.

Character Creation

We finished Characters for most all members of the Campaign. If you are in the campaign and you feel you do NOT have a good idea of what or who your character is, get with me and I’ll help you. Remember, all characters must be done prior to the game beginning. As a matter of fact…all characters must be finished by no later then Sunday March 22nd so they can be placed into the story line.

March 21st - The Initiation

Intro and Initiation of Characters

  • Darren-Recon mission – patrolling NW & SW regions of US currently independant. Receives a missive from Coalition Headquarters to detain a female target. Darren is given a description along with instructions to capture but not to destroy. Darren locates his target, which in turns out to be Lizbeth. Darren attemps to capture target but is halted by a Titan Juicer call sign: Crusher. Crusher manages to escape with Lizbeth thru the city of Lone Star and they find shelter in an abandoned ammunition bunker. DEAD
  • Lizbeth is given a message from an unknown source to go to Lone Star City and wait for a Coalition dressed messenger to pass a note to another. She is given information that the note that a spy within the Atlantean Network has divulged the location of a magical city, a last safehaven for magical creatures and if the Coalition are able to get this information, they would act upon it immediately destroying the city and imprisoning or destroying all within it. Her mission is to wait for the message and get it to safety before it falls into enemy hands.
  • Crusher is given an order to find and protect a Ley Line Walker, female, who will be in Lone Star City. His job is to protect her at whatever cost.
  • Once inside the bunker Darren tells Crusher and Lizbeth that he is there to help them. They are uncertain but need help in getting out of Lone Star so they take decide to follow. Once outside Darren manages to find a jeep, puts his two escapees in it and before he can leave Lone Star he is forced to follow along with a military convoy that leads into a hanger. They become trapped and must enter the hanger. Darren is confronted by Lt. Colonal Jordan Kenshil who orders Darren to give a genetic identification.
March 22nd - The Hanger


  • Crusher, Darren and Lizbeth are inside the hanger and trying to come up with ways to get out of the hanger.
  • Bribed a Corporal to get out but they would not be able to get out until after midnight. At the time of the bribe an inspection was called and several big name officers were brought to the main hanger.
  • Crusher was hiding in the rafters after being given a Camoflauge spell, Darren was hiding near the quarters and Lizbeth was told to go and mingle among others and to steal a uniform.
  • There were “hidden” doors in the hanger, leading to other places, one of which was to the control room where all communications were being fed to.
  • Control room gets blown up by Crusher, who then scrambles video feeds. Crusher takes over a Mark IX EPC Tank to fight Hellraiser who has been brought in to subdue uprising.
  • Darren tries to aid – Crusher fights Hellraiser. Hellraiser cripples the tank that Crusher is in and tank busts through hanger door. 6 Skelebots surround the Ley Line Walker & flies off with her, escaping thru the hole that the tank made in Bomb Doors at front of hanger.
Experience Points Given
Crusher – Start at 9001 + 285 = 9,286
Darren – Start at 8802 + 300 = 9,101
Ley Line Walker – Start at 8961 + 140 = 9,101


  • Escaped Hanger thanks to Crusher, headed south-by southwest, towards the Ruins of Dallas. Find Truck and fill the gas tank. Was ambushed by Feral Dogs led by Zeus of the Big Ears.
  • Going to the mountains towards Ley Line, Darren gets out of his PA, stashes it. Notice a severe temperature change. We are blind folded and led down into what feels like a cave for about 30 minutes.
  • King Machlin lead to him by the Dog Boys (who were paid). He locks the group up when Lizbeth refuses to share the message.
  • Zimchecks break them out. Little boy gives Lizbeth the message. Zimchecks destroy Machlin’s men, the Invasion has begun!
  • Heavy artillery can be felt and heard above them as it rolls over the mountains/caverns that they are in. Lizbeth discovers the little boy that has handed her the message is a Coalition officer’s son.


Ice 9 Introduction

Ice 9 has now been introduced into the story line. I wont get into to much detail, prefering for Ice 9 to speak for himself.

Ruins of Dallas
Ruins of Dallas

Ruins of Dallas

Introduction of the Borg known as Havic. Havic is keeping as far from the major sections of the Coalition that have descended upon the Ruins of Dallas. As he attempts to leave, traveling slowly and carefully he comes upon WANTED notices depicting a blurry picture and information on the retrieval of a large Titan Juicer and a woman. They are asking for the capture of both suspects alive. The borg realizes this is strange and attempts to gather more information. As he asserting the information he comes upon the Coalition lining humans up and after making sure they are not the people they are looking for, the Coalition shoot them point blank under the orders of an officer.

Out of nowhere some rocks are thrown at the officer, taking his attention off of the humans being executed. Ordering several Dead Boy soldiers to locate the disturbance. The Dead Boy Soldiers find an unidentified man who, though heavily cloaked, identifies himself with a badge and says that is he observing the activity. The Dead Boys ask for further identification, concerned with the man’s dress. The Mind Melter (Ice 9) realizes that they are not buying it, tries to escape and is unsuccessful.

The Borg, having heard on the radio that an unidentified man is attacking Dead Boys finds the location and neutralizes the Coalition force, grabbing the Mind Melter and runs out of the building.

  • Outside the Caves

Special Forces CPT. Darren Marcos leaves to find his PA. He leaves instructions to stay here until he returns but he is gone no more then 5 minutes before the Caves are bombarded with shells and electromagnetic charges. Crusher, Lizbeth and child are forced to leave the caves and end up getting stuck outside, with the shells still exploding around them. Marcos finds them later, after communicating through a radio that he left with them. He manages to carry the child and Lizbeth, leaving Crusher to find his way to the Ruins of Dallas.

  • Ruins of Dallas

Havic goes in building which is boarded w/ Ice 9 and then re-boards the shelter. Ice 9 makes a telepathic connection with Havic. They stay there for the night.

Meanwhile Marcos find a Dallas Mansion and the Titan Juicer comes in from the opposite direction. Coalition mobilizes to search abandoned buildings -> the Titan Juicer manages to escape their attention, going west. At this point Ice 9 and Havic decide to move west as well.

Crusher manages to find Lizbeth, Marcos and child hijack a truck and head NW, highway gets blown up before they can continue on their way, stranding them on a narrow highway. Skelebots attack after truck gets thrown.

  • Crusher jumps off bridge, taking a Skelebot, destroying it.
  • Marcos volleys w/ Skelebots
  • Lizbeth tosses up an energy field to protect her and the kid, firebolts the attacking Skelebot that is trying to subdue her.
  • Marcos takes out Skelebot #2 and focuses his attention to on the one that is attacking Lizbeth and child.
  • Crusher gets ANOTHER tank (Skysweeper STX 52)
  • Havic takes out Skelebot #4 with assistance from Ice 9
  • Crusher demolishes bridge supports, dropping the abolishers down, managing to have one disabled upon ground impact.
  • Marcos takes out Skelebot #5
  • Lizbeth takes out Skelebot #3 (YAY TYR!!!!)
Township of Northfields

h2. Township of Northfields

  • Everyone, including Havic, receives 400,000 credits for the sell of a skelebot that was sold at Black Market from the Ruins of Dallas game.
  • After the group leaves Ruins of Dallas in an attempt to escape the Coalition’s every obnoxious presence, they enter a small town of Melville, population of about 400. There are perhaps 25 Coalition soldiers, most of whom are guarding a Dr. Amanda Santiago.
  • After deliberating, the team separates in order not to draw attention to themselves and Lizbeth takes the Unnamed kid to get some clothes and something to eat.
  • Ice 9 manages to talk to some lady and sets up at date in order to obtain information…and because he’s desperate.
  • Marcos goes in, stopped by Coalition because he’s wearing his battle armor and then leaves, returning later with the Titan Juicer in his PA. They are both later, followed by one soldier each.
  • Crusher later decides to also get something to eat while Marcos goes in search for other things.
  • Lizbeth tries to get the kid to eat, noticing that he does not look well. His eyes are very red rimmed, he has a temperature and he still has not spoke. Frustrated at Lizbeth’s repeated attempted to get him something to eat, the kid freezes the soup bowl. A few moments later Dr. Santiago enters into the cantina with 2 Coalition soldiers and sits at the bar.
  • Lizbeth, worried about the kid because he’s begun to violently tremble, tries to leave, but the guards are blocking the front exit.
  • Crusher pushes them out the door in order to get Lizbeth out of the restaurant, and Lizbeth runs out and goes into an alley.
  • 2 skelebots, who have not been spotted as part of the resident Coalition stop her, and the kid throws up the force field in time to save Lizbeth and him from being killed. Lizbeth fire-blasts Skelebot #1, takes it out.
  • Meanwhile, Ice 9 is trying to gather information on the house that is being so heavily guarded. He interrogates a soldier that happened to leave on his own, and not only paralyzes him, but then later kills him.
  • Lizbeth finishes killing skelebot 1 and kills skelebot #2.
  • Ice 9 infiltrates Dr. Santiago’s house, after 11 soldiers are called to the alley where Lizbeth is.
  • Crusher takes out 4 Coalition soldiers, killing 1, maiming 1 and knocking out the other two.
  • Ice 9 finds a door that he is unable to open, and finds out that he needs a genetic signature to open the door. He is able to discern that the doctor has gone to an abandoned farm house and follows her.
  • Everyone heads to the farmhouse, 1 mile outside of town. Ice 9 finds burned body and completely cleaned out barn. Nothing is inside.
  • Dr. Eon Miller is identified as the owner of the body that Ice 9 has removed the arm.
  • Lizbeth leaves the kid in the barn, noticing that he is terrified. Ice 9 locates a hidden door. Kid opens complicated lock, his blood a signature marker for the lock. Lizbeth, Ice 9 go inside a long hallway and hears someone running. Crusher is in the tank out in the front, watching for Coalition. Marcos joins them after a few moments. They discover that the running person has gone behind a blast door and while Marcos attempts to blast through the blast doors, Lizbeth and Ice 9 search through the rooms they had passed in pursuit of the running person.
  • Room 1: Bodies stacked up. Ice 9 burns them using magic fire.
  • Room 2: Computers with info on psionics that could have been those that are dead.
  • Room 3: Uniforms, badges
  • Room 4: Cages, where you can tell that humans were once in them but no one is left
  • Ice 9 takes all ID badges, each person gets a uniform. All 3 head back, kid is missing.
  • Ice 9 goes back to Santiago’s, nothing is left, but there is a dusty finger painting in the dust saying the word: Northfields, Iowa.
  • Ice 9 goes on his date and is given the warning not to go into the cemeteries.
  • Characters arrive and all go their separate ways.
  • Crusher meets with other Juicers.
  • Ice 9 and Lizbeth go to the black market-small children tell them to run away.
  • Crusher gets a contact, Eddy.
  • Ice 9: 9661: + 650 = 10311
  • Crusher: 9836 + 600 = 10436
  • Lizbeth: 9726 + 600 = 10326
  • Marcos: 9651 + 600 = 10251

NEXT GAME: April 27th @ 1pm.


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