CPT. Darren Marcos

A Coalition Soldier, recently disillusioned and contemplating the unthinkable...

Name: Darren Marcos OCC: Coalition States Special Forces Soldier
Age: 25 Sex: Male Height: Weight: 197lbs.
Alignment: Anarchist
Hit Points: 17 SDC: 52 Experience Level: 5 XP: 9,651/17,601
IQ: 15 ME: 17 MA: 12 PS: 22 PP: 13 PE: 15 PB: 15 Spd: 38
Saving Throws:
Save vs Psionics: +0 Save vs Toxins/Poisons: +0 Save vs Possession: +0
Save vs Horror Factor: +2 Save vs Coma/Death: Save vs Ritual Magic: +0
Save vs Spell Magic: +0
Combat Skills:
# of Attacks: 5 Initiative +2 Damage: +7
Strike: +1 Parry: +2 Dodge: +2
Roll: +3 Restr.Punch: 1d2+4 Punch: 1d4+7
Power Punch: 2d4+14 Perception: +0
Math (Basic): 45%(+5) Radio (Basic): 95%(+5) Electronic Countermeasures: 60%+5)
Language (American): 98% Language (Spanish): 84%(+3) Land Navigation: 65%(+5)
Intelligence: 54%(+4) Streetwise: 48%(+4) Lore (Demon/Monster): 50%(+5)
Pilot (Hovercycle): 89%(+3) Pilot (Robot & Power Armor): 75%(+3) Wilderness Survival: 60%(+5)
Climbing: 70%/50%(+5) Prowl: 55%(+5) Running
O.C.C. Related Skills
Pilot (Airplane): 72%(+4) Pilot (Motor & Race Boat): 80%(+5) SCUBA: 65%(+5)
Paramedic: 65%(+5) Field Armorer: 70%(+5) Basic Mechanics: 50%(+5)
Literacy (American): 70%(+5) Undercover Ops: 60%(+5) Detect Ambush: 60%(+5)
Secondary Skills
Biology: 45%(+5) Chemistry (Analytical): 40%(+5) Advanced Mathematics: 60%(+5)
Crime Scene Investigation: 50%(+5) Computer Operation: 55%(+5) Pilot (Jet Aircraft): 52%(+4)
Weapon Proficiencies
Energy Pistol (+2 to Strike) Energy Rifle (+2 to Strike) Pilot: Robot Combat Elite (SF Samas PA) (see below for totals) Paired Weapons (pg 327, Rifts Ultimate)
Armor, Weapons & Gear
RMK (Robot Medical Kit), Internal Robot Medical Surgeon System, Utility Belt, Air Filter, Gas Mask, Uniform, Dress Uniform, Canteen, Hovercycle
New SF “Dead Boy” Armor (Prowl Penalty -20%), Special Forces Samas Power Armor, CP-40 Pulse Rifle, CP-30 Pulse Pistol, Frag Grenades, Smoke Grenades, Vibro Knife, Survival Knife

Also pilot of a CS Striker SAMAS power armor suit

Power Armor Combat: Elite (Special Forces “Striker” SAMAS)
# of Attacks: 7 Initiative +4 Damage: +0
Strike: +3(h2h)/+4(ranged) Parry: +5 Dodge: +4(Ground)/+7(Flying)
Roll: +7 Restr.Punch: 6d6 SDC Punch: 5d6 MDC
Tear: 1d4 MDC Power Punch: 10d6 MDC Perception: +0
Special Forces CA-7 Heavy “Dead Boy” Armor
Mobility: Good; -5% to Climb and -20% to prowl/swim/acrobatics
Weapon Systems:
Retractable Forearm Vibro-blades (2): 1d6MD Garrote cord in left wrist (1): used to strangle SDC targets Energy Pack
MDC by Location:
Head/Helmet: 75 Arms: 60ea Legs: 80ea Main Body: 100

General Information Brief

  • Family Origin: Earth Native (Human)
  • Childhood Environment: Grew up in Chi-Town, in a military family
  • Sentiment Towards CS: Marcos hates the Coalition as of late. He has been burned too often, losing friends and family in service to the CS. He’s also recently been denounced by the CS government
  • Sentiment Towards Non-Humans/D-Bees: Suspicion, but curious.
  • Native Language: American (Literate)
  • General Disposition: Tough Guy, natural leader and very “military” with his mindset
  • Coalition States Military ID#: C57321B

Basic Description:

Captain Darren Marcos is moderately attractive (PB 15) with a strong jawline and black hair. When the armored suit is off, he is seen to be quite fit, and probably even won some human-only weight/strength competitions (PS is non-supernatural 22). He walks confidently and a hint of a goose step when in his dress uniform.

Years of forays into hellish dangers and have given him streaks of gray hairs, and the constant battles have given him a good facial scar on his right cheek line. Many say he resembles an older version of Colonel Joseph Prosek, head of Propaganda, but the Emperor’s son is actually a few years beyond Captain Marcos.

Darren usually operates as a lone operative, and has earned the rank of Captain, as a result.


Darren was a child who had it all. Human parents, no psychics or traitors in the family, a good home in the upper levels of Chi-Town, and fathered by promising Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Marcos. Colonel Marcos headed a battalion of the Coalition Infantry, and had one of the most spotless and successful service records ever to grace the Coalition history.

Darren grew up strong, and followed his father’s legacy into the military. During his officer academy training, he joined the boxing team, and was soon a top contender, winning almost all of the time. He could also beat all of his classmates in a foot race, and many times others wondered if perhaps he was taking part in a secret juicer program that didn’t have external dispensers. So far to date, no evidence ever turned up to convict him of participation in any such program.

Brand new Lieutenant Marcos didn’t waste any time after the Academy; he went straight to the Special Forces training school. After weeks of lobbying and petitioning to get into the school, it took a personal recommendation from his father and his instructors from the Officer’s Academy to finally get him in. This is the way it was with the SF guys. They didn’t take just any asshole that walked in; you had to talk the talk, walk the walk…and you still had to know somebody to get in.

In short order, Lieutenant Marcos was deployed in reconnaissance missions out into the wild, usually paired with another operative or in squads of four. It was during these missions that Marcos formed some very strong bonds of brotherhood with his fellow officers and troops. He eventually gained his very own “Striker” SAMAS power armor set, and was assigned to deeper patrols in the wilderness, and was the frontline assault force when his team was under fire.

It was on one such assault that the team ran into catastrophe. It was a simply seek and destroy on some unidentified D-Bees operating about 50 miles SSW of Chi-town. Supposedly, they were unintelligent by human standards and simply causing havoc for not knowing any better. Intelligence was wrong.

The assault began well, with Marcos at the front, and laying waste to many D-Bee enemies. Then the trouble began. Mages attacked from the flank under cover of invisibility magic and more D-Bee monsters began to fire back with weapons! It was clear this was set up as a planned military-style ambush, and the squad was to pay the price for their overconfidence. Marcos escaped with his life due to the SAMAS he piloted, but the rest of the squad was obliterated and presumed eaten by the vicious D-Bee monsters.

For weeks after returning and reporting to his commanding officer, Marcos was the subject of an intense investigation to determine why his squad was ambushed to well by mindless beasts. In the end, Marcos was cleared of all wrongdoing by a quirk that may have been worse than being guilty: His father, Colonel Marcos, had been found to have actually provided the monsters with intelligence of the raid! Of course, he had no idea his own son, Darren, was part of it. After the court martial started, Colonel Marcos argued with himself for days on whether he could bear the loss of his only son and keep his morals to his new-found openness of the world, or if he would sacrifice himself to keep his son alive.

In he end, his sense of family won over the Colonel, and he walked unannounced into the trial room, and nearly screamed his betrayal to the Coalition States. But before giving the details, he extracted a promise from the generalship that his son was no to be punished in any way.

The Coalition government accepted, and gave Lieutenant Marcos an option to completely restore his name; he must be the executor of his own father, the traitor. Darren eventually agreed to do so, and used his father’s own pistol against him. The look on Colonel Marcos’ face made it plain that he did not hold his son responsible for the decision, as he himself knew the propaganda that once consumed his own soul.

What happened next was something Darren never forgot, nor forgave. The CS government arranged for a horrible “accident” to befall his mother and younger sister. Though the official cause of death was accidental smoke inhalation from the fire, Darren was convinced by various ways that it was a reaction from the CS to their promise that he himself would be unpunished.

Since then, Darren operates alone. His high success rate and valuable intelligence reports have earned him the rank of Captain. He still carries his Dead Boy armor via special brackets and hooks he designed himself to fasten to the Striker SAMAS unit, these take the place of the secondary ammo drum beneath the rocket propulsion system. The CP-30 Pulse Pistol he carries is also that of his father’s. He snuck it out government control, after replacing it in the evidence container with his own like pistol.

Captain Marcos has removed all GPS location devices and “homing beacons” from his Dead Boy armor and SAMAS unit.

Recently, Captain Marcos has been “black-balled” by the CS government. The reasons for this are currently unknown to Marcos, but it is clear that higher ranking officials were made aware of this prior to him showing up in Lone Star. Major Winston Claval, head of Mutant Containment and Retrieval had personally deceived Marcos into entering the Lone Star Complex, which resulted in the captain discovering his disavowed status.

The hunter has now become the hunted.

CPT. Darren Marcos

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