Alma Qhon

True Incan Biomancer


next character notes for RIFTS:

Name Alma Qhon Thunder Soul

True Inca R.C.C. (( Sourcebook Rifts world book 9 – South America)) BioMancer O.C.C. ((Acceptor, page 62 South America book 6)) Alignment – Unprincipled

IQ-19 PE-32 ME-19 PB-18 MA-18 SPD-30 PS-41 PP-26

SN Bonus +2 save coma/death due to PE score, fatigue at 1/2 normal rate, Impervious to Disease

IQ bonus, +5 to all skills, added ME Bonus, save vs psionics/insanity +2 MA Bonus, 50% trust/intimidate Ps = Supernatural PP bonus, +6 to Parry/Dodge/Strike PE Bonus, +30% save vs coma/death, +8 save vs magic/poison PB bonus, 40% chance to charm/impress Power Punch 2d4×10 MD

can Carry 2050 pounds can Lift 4100 pounds

MDC 327 (plus PE/Lvl) Horror Factor 10 if true nature revealed PPE 152 +3d6/lvl Age 15000 years/40,000 years

Natural Abilities: See Invisible, Regeneration – 1d4×10 mdc/min, nightvision 200 feet

Deity abilities :: Illapa Inca thunder god ::

Flight up to Mach 1 Summon Storms per the Warlock Spell 3x day conversion book, page 83 Lightning Bolts at 1d4 MD/lvl

Magic Powers: Knows 3 water warlock spells each lvl from 1-3, plus learns 2 spells/lvl

lvl 1- Cloud of Steam, Float on Water, Dowsing -all page 78 conversion book


Hydrokinesis and 4 psionic powers from any of the non super catergories, plus 1/lvl Alter Aura, 6th Sense, Speed Reading, Total Recall

ISP: 79 + 2d6/lvl Add 1 attack/action per melee Combat: H2H Expert Damage: Supernatural PS 6d6MD Bonuses: +3 initiative, +1 strike, parry, dodge, +2 save/magic, +6 save/horror

Vulnerabilites/penalties: None

RCC Skills:: Language Dragonese, Quechua, SPanish & Elven 103% Language American +20% 75/3 Demon and Monster Lore +35% 70/5 Basic Math +10% 70/5 Wilderness Survival +15% 75/5 W.P.s pick 2 WP Blunt +1 to strike/parry WP Spear +1 strike/parry H2H Commando:: Automatic kick attack 1d8 md +6d6MD Sense of Balance 65/10 Walk Tightrope/highwire 65/3 Climb Rope 85/4 Back Flip 75/10 Basic Climb Ability 70 Basic Prowl 65 Bonuses: +2 roll No fear of heights

Starting Weapons (( SN H2H Dmg = 6d6MD )): Magical Club 2d4 +SN H2H dmg, enchanted Spear 4d6 +SN/H2H, 1 energy weapon, 2 archaic weapons, bow,knife

Body Armor: Enchanted Cloth armor 90 MDC Money 4000 Credits


Basic Surv Equipment backpack Colorful clothes, think cross between Tuath’an and Aiel for look/utility

RCC Related SKills —choose 8, (7 due to H2H upgrade) Detect Ambush – 40/5 Intelligence – 42/4 Tracking – 35/5 Undercover Ops 40/5 ID Undercover Agents 35/4 Anthropology 35/5 +5 to all lores and history pre rift, added History Pre Rifts 52/4

2ndary SKills: choose 5

Lore Psionics 45/5 Botany 30/5 WP energy weapons Sewing & Tailoring 55/5 Literacy 35/5

OCC Abilities/Bonuses

Sense Supernatural Evil – automatic

Communication with Plants and Animals-60 feet +10/lvl

Healing Touch – restore 1d4 SDC/MDC per lvl to any creature or player, including self, 3x/24 hours

Gift of Nature – 8ppe, convert any part of a living plant into food able to sustain for 1 day, bush=1, plant 1d4+1, tree=2d6, huge tree 2d6×10 gifts inflicts 2d6 sdc to the plant, and generates 1d4×10 mdc to self

Gift of Peace (aura) – low IQ creatures/insects/monsters will never attack the biomancer except in self defense, they will even get out of the way, or go around him. even some alien monsters like the fury beetle. intelligent/SN monsters and demons are unaffected.

Create Bio Weapons -see desc under biomancy magic

Draw PPE from ley lines, nexus points, and other people same as ley line walker and other mages.

Bonus +1 save/magic at lvls 4/7/10/12/15, +2 save vs horror, +15% save/coma-death, +4 resist any bio-manip magic(including agony, blind,mute,life drain,sickness, curses,metamorphasis, and xmute) +2 save/psionics

Light Chitin Armor – page 69/70 world book 6 no prowl penalties, flexing muscles will cause long claws to extend from hands adding 1d6 MD and +1 to strike, suit is 70 MDC and will regenerate 4d6 MDC/day, armor can be healed like any living thing. armor can be sealed and holds 20 mins of air, armor can “breathe” filtering most gases. grants +6 to save/toxic gases, airborne poisons/disease.

Select 6 spells from lvl 1&2 from either Biomancer Magic (world book 6) or Available common magic spells list

Shape Plants – Biomancy lvl 1 page 64 Weave Plants – Biomancy lvl 2 page 65 Globe of Daylight – lvl 1, page 198 core book Turn Dead – lvl 2 page 201 core book Chameleon – lvl 2 page 199 core book See Aura – lvl 1 page 199 core book

select 4 additional spells at levels 2 and 3, ( up to lvl 3 and 4 respectively) then 2 new spells each lvl after that.

Can use herbs,potions,teas,ointments, magic scrolls, wands, staves, other magic items, including TW devices. OCC SKILLS:

2 additional languages +10% Demongogian, Faerie 65/3 Lore Monsters/demons +15 *added Lore Farie/magic +20 55/5 Basic Math +10 *added Hollistic Medicine +10 45/5 Wilderness surv +15 **added Land Nav +10 51/4 Track/Trap Animals +10 35/45 /+5 lvl WP Archery and Targeting +1 to strike and +1 to strike WP choose 1


detect concealment 30/5 +10 to camoflauge skill Identify Plants/Fruit 45/5 Basic Radio 50/5 Wrestling +1 roll Physical Labor outdoorsmanship

Secondary skills: 4 from above

General Athletics add +1 parry/dodge/roll Boxing +1 attack/melee, +2 parry/dodge, +1 roll Gymnastics +2d4 to kick attack, +2 roll Swimming 55/5

standard equip:

Traveling clothes Ceremonial Clothes water skin food 2d6 days worth of gifts of nature staff weapon of choice money 6000 in valuables, 3000 in coin


a true inca on a mission for the Pantheon will have all living expenses (food, equipment, lodging) covered while on that mission, and at lvl 3/5/6/9 will recieve one holy weapon of choice page 23 of the conversion book

I still have an open W.P. skill available in the OCC Skills section, but can’t decide on anything i havent already taken or been given, any suggestions?

you will have to decide on a tree for me to use for XP lvling


I am Alma Qhon. Twenty-seventh son of the twenty-seventh son of Manqo Qhapaq, born millennia ago in Cuzco, of the kingdom of Colla. I initially trained under Inca Illapa, the god of thunder and lightning, to be a scout for the glorious army, and a messenger to the Gods. I was often sent back and forth from Uku Pacha, Kay Pacha, and Hanan Pacha with important writs. It was during my travels that I became enraptured with the Chakena, and sought to understand its power and purpose.

I began to spend increasing amounts of time, while not on duty, studying it, and speaking to the Shaman of its Order. I was often tasked with the collection of ayahuasca, to offer as a gift to the Shaman who would be teaching me that session. I had to venture further and further from the enclave to find this rare substance, and I began to be seduced by the power of nature, that I saw everywhere I went. I began to see the strength of a single blade of grass, the grace of the vine wrapped tree, the fortitude of the myriad of life that was ever swirling around me in an explosive symphony of purpose. Shortly after the Battle of Mauedipi, I was sent to discover for myself the power of Nature. My only guides were to be my Chakena, and the teachings of the Shaman. During my years of sabbatical I found the World Tree of Life, and came to know, through meditation and practice the basis of Nature’s Magic that I practice to this day. I have been sent out from the Pantheon to find a book that was lost before I was born, and return it to its rightful place at Inti’s side, and so I go forth, to claim what is rightfully His and return it to the conclave.

Alma Qhon

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