Duragyl Campaign

Township of Northfields

h2. Township of Northfields

  • Everyone, including Havic, receives 400,000 credits for the sell of a skelebot that was sold at Black Market from the Ruins of Dallas game.
  • After the group leaves Ruins of Dallas in an attempt to escape the Coalition’s every obnoxious presence, they enter a small town of Melville, population of about 400. There are perhaps 25 Coalition soldiers, most of whom are guarding a Dr. Amanda Santiago.
  • After deliberating, the team separates in order not to draw attention to themselves and Lizbeth takes the Unnamed kid to get some clothes and something to eat.
  • Ice 9 manages to talk to some lady and sets up at date in order to obtain information…and because he’s desperate.
  • Marcos goes in, stopped by Coalition because he’s wearing his battle armor and then leaves, returning later with the Titan Juicer in his PA. They are both later, followed by one soldier each.
  • Crusher later decides to also get something to eat while Marcos goes in search for other things.
  • Lizbeth tries to get the kid to eat, noticing that he does not look well. His eyes are very red rimmed, he has a temperature and he still has not spoke. Frustrated at Lizbeth’s repeated attempted to get him something to eat, the kid freezes the soup bowl. A few moments later Dr. Santiago enters into the cantina with 2 Coalition soldiers and sits at the bar.
  • Lizbeth, worried about the kid because he’s begun to violently tremble, tries to leave, but the guards are blocking the front exit.
  • Crusher pushes them out the door in order to get Lizbeth out of the restaurant, and Lizbeth runs out and goes into an alley.
  • 2 skelebots, who have not been spotted as part of the resident Coalition stop her, and the kid throws up the force field in time to save Lizbeth and him from being killed. Lizbeth fire-blasts Skelebot #1, takes it out.
  • Meanwhile, Ice 9 is trying to gather information on the house that is being so heavily guarded. He interrogates a soldier that happened to leave on his own, and not only paralyzes him, but then later kills him.
  • Lizbeth finishes killing skelebot 1 and kills skelebot #2.
  • Ice 9 infiltrates Dr. Santiago’s house, after 11 soldiers are called to the alley where Lizbeth is.
  • Crusher takes out 4 Coalition soldiers, killing 1, maiming 1 and knocking out the other two.
  • Ice 9 finds a door that he is unable to open, and finds out that he needs a genetic signature to open the door. He is able to discern that the doctor has gone to an abandoned farm house and follows her.
  • Everyone heads to the farmhouse, 1 mile outside of town. Ice 9 finds burned body and completely cleaned out barn. Nothing is inside.
  • Dr. Eon Miller is identified as the owner of the body that Ice 9 has removed the arm.
  • Lizbeth leaves the kid in the barn, noticing that he is terrified. Ice 9 locates a hidden door. Kid opens complicated lock, his blood a signature marker for the lock. Lizbeth, Ice 9 go inside a long hallway and hears someone running. Crusher is in the tank out in the front, watching for Coalition. Marcos joins them after a few moments. They discover that the running person has gone behind a blast door and while Marcos attempts to blast through the blast doors, Lizbeth and Ice 9 search through the rooms they had passed in pursuit of the running person.
  • Room 1: Bodies stacked up. Ice 9 burns them using magic fire.
  • Room 2: Computers with info on psionics that could have been those that are dead.
  • Room 3: Uniforms, badges
  • Room 4: Cages, where you can tell that humans were once in them but no one is left
  • Ice 9 takes all ID badges, each person gets a uniform. All 3 head back, kid is missing.
  • Ice 9 goes back to Santiago’s, nothing is left, but there is a dusty finger painting in the dust saying the word: Northfields, Iowa.
  • Ice 9 goes on his date and is given the warning not to go into the cemeteries.
  • Characters arrive and all go their separate ways.
  • Crusher meets with other Juicers.
  • Ice 9 and Lizbeth go to the black market-small children tell them to run away.
  • Crusher gets a contact, Eddy.
  • Ice 9: 9661: + 650 = 10311
  • Crusher: 9836 + 600 = 10436
  • Lizbeth: 9726 + 600 = 10326
  • Marcos: 9651 + 600 = 10251

NEXT GAME: April 27th @ 1pm.



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