Duragyl Campaign

Ruins of Dallas

Ruins of Dallas

Ruins of Dallas

Introduction of the Borg known as Havic. Havic is keeping as far from the major sections of the Coalition that have descended upon the Ruins of Dallas. As he attempts to leave, traveling slowly and carefully he comes upon WANTED notices depicting a blurry picture and information on the retrieval of a large Titan Juicer and a woman. They are asking for the capture of both suspects alive. The borg realizes this is strange and attempts to gather more information. As he asserting the information he comes upon the Coalition lining humans up and after making sure they are not the people they are looking for, the Coalition shoot them point blank under the orders of an officer.

Out of nowhere some rocks are thrown at the officer, taking his attention off of the humans being executed. Ordering several Dead Boy soldiers to locate the disturbance. The Dead Boy Soldiers find an unidentified man who, though heavily cloaked, identifies himself with a badge and says that is he observing the activity. The Dead Boys ask for further identification, concerned with the man’s dress. The Mind Melter (Ice 9) realizes that they are not buying it, tries to escape and is unsuccessful.

The Borg, having heard on the radio that an unidentified man is attacking Dead Boys finds the location and neutralizes the Coalition force, grabbing the Mind Melter and runs out of the building.

  • Outside the Caves

Special Forces CPT. Darren Marcos leaves to find his PA. He leaves instructions to stay here until he returns but he is gone no more then 5 minutes before the Caves are bombarded with shells and electromagnetic charges. Crusher, Lizbeth and child are forced to leave the caves and end up getting stuck outside, with the shells still exploding around them. Marcos finds them later, after communicating through a radio that he left with them. He manages to carry the child and Lizbeth, leaving Crusher to find his way to the Ruins of Dallas.

  • Ruins of Dallas

Havic goes in building which is boarded w/ Ice 9 and then re-boards the shelter. Ice 9 makes a telepathic connection with Havic. They stay there for the night.

Meanwhile Marcos find a Dallas Mansion and the Titan Juicer comes in from the opposite direction. Coalition mobilizes to search abandoned buildings -> the Titan Juicer manages to escape their attention, going west. At this point Ice 9 and Havic decide to move west as well.

Crusher manages to find Lizbeth, Marcos and child hijack a truck and head NW, highway gets blown up before they can continue on their way, stranding them on a narrow highway. Skelebots attack after truck gets thrown.

  • Crusher jumps off bridge, taking a Skelebot, destroying it.
  • Marcos volleys w/ Skelebots
  • Lizbeth tosses up an energy field to protect her and the kid, firebolts the attacking Skelebot that is trying to subdue her.
  • Marcos takes out Skelebot #2 and focuses his attention to on the one that is attacking Lizbeth and child.
  • Crusher gets ANOTHER tank (Skysweeper STX 52)
  • Havic takes out Skelebot #4 with assistance from Ice 9
  • Crusher demolishes bridge supports, dropping the abolishers down, managing to have one disabled upon ground impact.
  • Marcos takes out Skelebot #5
  • Lizbeth takes out Skelebot #3 (YAY TYR!!!!)


Damn right, yay me. >.>

Ruins of Dallas


Ruins of Dallas

You survived didn’t you!!!

Ruins of Dallas

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