Duragyl Campaign

March 22nd - The Hanger


  • Crusher, Darren and Lizbeth are inside the hanger and trying to come up with ways to get out of the hanger.
  • Bribed a Corporal to get out but they would not be able to get out until after midnight. At the time of the bribe an inspection was called and several big name officers were brought to the main hanger.
  • Crusher was hiding in the rafters after being given a Camoflauge spell, Darren was hiding near the quarters and Lizbeth was told to go and mingle among others and to steal a uniform.
  • There were “hidden” doors in the hanger, leading to other places, one of which was to the control room where all communications were being fed to.
  • Control room gets blown up by Crusher, who then scrambles video feeds. Crusher takes over a Mark IX EPC Tank to fight Hellraiser who has been brought in to subdue uprising.
  • Darren tries to aid – Crusher fights Hellraiser. Hellraiser cripples the tank that Crusher is in and tank busts through hanger door. 6 Skelebots surround the Ley Line Walker & flies off with her, escaping thru the hole that the tank made in Bomb Doors at front of hanger.
Experience Points Given
Crusher – Start at 9001 + 285 = 9,286
Darren – Start at 8802 + 300 = 9,101
Ley Line Walker – Start at 8961 + 140 = 9,101


  • Escaped Hanger thanks to Crusher, headed south-by southwest, towards the Ruins of Dallas. Find Truck and fill the gas tank. Was ambushed by Feral Dogs led by Zeus of the Big Ears.
  • Going to the mountains towards Ley Line, Darren gets out of his PA, stashes it. Notice a severe temperature change. We are blind folded and led down into what feels like a cave for about 30 minutes.
  • King Machlin lead to him by the Dog Boys (who were paid). He locks the group up when Lizbeth refuses to share the message.
  • Zimchecks break them out. Little boy gives Lizbeth the message. Zimchecks destroy Machlin’s men, the Invasion has begun!
  • Heavy artillery can be felt and heard above them as it rolls over the mountains/caverns that they are in. Lizbeth discovers the little boy that has handed her the message is a Coalition officer’s son.




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