Duragyl Campaign

March 21st - The Initiation

Intro and Initiation of Characters

  • Darren-Recon mission – patrolling NW & SW regions of US currently independant. Receives a missive from Coalition Headquarters to detain a female target. Darren is given a description along with instructions to capture but not to destroy. Darren locates his target, which in turns out to be Lizbeth. Darren attemps to capture target but is halted by a Titan Juicer call sign: Crusher. Crusher manages to escape with Lizbeth thru the city of Lone Star and they find shelter in an abandoned ammunition bunker. DEAD
  • Lizbeth is given a message from an unknown source to go to Lone Star City and wait for a Coalition dressed messenger to pass a note to another. She is given information that the note that a spy within the Atlantean Network has divulged the location of a magical city, a last safehaven for magical creatures and if the Coalition are able to get this information, they would act upon it immediately destroying the city and imprisoning or destroying all within it. Her mission is to wait for the message and get it to safety before it falls into enemy hands.
  • Crusher is given an order to find and protect a Ley Line Walker, female, who will be in Lone Star City. His job is to protect her at whatever cost.
  • Once inside the bunker Darren tells Crusher and Lizbeth that he is there to help them. They are uncertain but need help in getting out of Lone Star so they take decide to follow. Once outside Darren manages to find a jeep, puts his two escapees in it and before he can leave Lone Star he is forced to follow along with a military convoy that leads into a hanger. They become trapped and must enter the hanger. Darren is confronted by Lt. Colonal Jordan Kenshil who orders Darren to give a genetic identification.



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