Duragyl Campaign

26th June 2009

NOTE: These notes were written by Rifts Scribe Tyr, all content herein is her fault.

Group comes upon an empty barracks. Ice 9 goes to talk to force field. Darren & Lizbeth go up. Chrusher poofs into room. Darren stashes PA. SL8 designation on the next floor, next one goes up (SL9). Group goes down to SL5. VB. Crusher gets out of the normal office via the “unbreakable” door. He’s on level 20.

Lizbeth detects entitys. Darren can them on thermal-> Some doors open, some closed. Open ones fairly harmless. Darren blows open a door + Lizbeth gets attacked.

Darren Yanks her down the stairs, Lizbeth shoots fire at it & it gets bigger and angrier. (Darren runs away). VB uses a fire extinguisher. VB & Crusher make friends. Argueing insues.

Introducing Character: Rover – Vagabond; played by Chase

VB – 720 pts. TJ – 655 pts SF – 755 pts LLW – 705 pts.



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