Duragyl Campaign

15 August 2009; As the Gods Wish

Group heads away from Cerberus; looking for the invisable dumbass (aka: Deon) We head to Charon- Dun dun dun.

LLW gives Charon a keycard, TJ gives him one of the gold trophy. LM gives him four gold coins. Charon makes a telepathic deal w/ Deon for the book.

Charon gives LLW a rock to protect and give to the Dragon Keeper.

We end up back in the city w/ the walls. YAY! (Northfields, Iowa)

Armor is repaired, LM and LLW look for an inn, juicer heads off to see the Coalition and to eat everything in sight and to fight anything.

LLW & LM go on top of the building. Liz sees the little boy. Tells LM that she needs to get him. They fly.

Liz disables the truck the boy was in, Crusher starts to fight a Coalition Juicer.

Liz drops down & opens the door to the cab, power bolts the SF. Deon pulls the second SF out.

Crusher works on destroying the building

Liz & Deon dispatch thost in the cab, head towards back. The boy isn’t there. Liz finds another rock. Puts it w/ the first one & gets teleported. YAY!



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