Duragyl Campaign

13 July 2009 (AD: After Darren)

Characters start at the end of the hallway where there’s a dead Xiticix Super Warrior.

Liz uses keycard she took off Darren’s body to open the door. It opens.

They make it to the bunker, and the keycard doesn’t work. Crusher smashes through the back of the building.

Down the ramp; they find a door. The door opens to a hallway w/ pictures and a trophy case w/ gold trophies. Each get 2 trophies.

Vagabond opens door at the end of the hallway; find the xiticix killers. Then proceed into a medical room they get stuck in.

Crusher breaks through the wall, group goes right.

They move into a prisoner area, and stay to the right.

Find a garden of kids, and a desert garden w/ a book. The child Liz was taking care of is there, and leads her to a room that’s all stasisy and blood & gore.

Group meets mage. Liz closes the doors to the room of the killers, moving off to find the magic button.

They go to the round room. Crusher opens Kingus door; get’s the Tablets of Destiny.

Liz & Rover find the magic button, push it.

Crusher opens Lilith’s door, has to fight Cerberus.

VB: 375 LLW: 425 TJ: 400 Mage: 400



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