Duragyl Campaign

07 August 2009; The Death of Rover

Liz presses the blue button, and there is fog. Ice9 mind controls Rover. Liz uses a flashlight. Deon goes looking after Lilith, casts Light Target on Juicer. Liz & Ice 9 run into Juicer running away from Cerberus. Liz screams & so does Rover.

Endiku Long Hair wants the Book of Destiny; and wants Deon to get it.

Liz figures out that music will lull Cerberus but when Deon conjures a band Cerberus just stops, but does not sleep.

Liz & TJ find Charon & go away then they find Inki. He tells the LLW that the Gods will give a path and they have to leave- go find the group.

Vagabond dies a bloody; and crunchy death by Cerberus.



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