Duragyl Campaign

05 September 2009 Splynn

We’re in Splynn!

Looking for lodging. Oh so much fun!

The party finds lodging convincing the store owner to let them stay there and kicking his ass out.

Then they find a book reading snake; named Monty. Monty Python.

The party buys Monty! YAY!

Go back to the store, Liz chameleons, sees the false dragons go into the merchants store, before they take up residence.

MM & LM go into a book store, find a book & Rupert. Rupert tells LM he has the Book of Life, and needs the Book of the Dead.

The boy is on the upper levels, and under Lord Splynryths personal guard. The party needs a personal invitation to view the human boy.

The not-library is being emptied by Splynn law enforcement. MM wants the book Rupert promised him and starts a fight. The party kill the two law enforcement, and then LM animates them to clean up the area. The party decides to leave the shop they were in and go to the abandoned temple.

NEXT GAME: Oct 04th 2:30pm

LM – 360 MM – 360 TJ – 360 LLW – 335 + 10 for taking notes that entertain me: 345



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