Duragyl Campaign

03 July 2009

Scribe – Tyr (her fault)

So; the menfolk went into the water of sublevel 1. Liz tosses up an energy shield to protect the area. Boys find an office – keycard found from a looted body.

The water shakes, dun dun dun

The boys find a map of the territory Power Level 1 There’s pacing on the level above Liz + Rover, doors open & closes. There’s a pew sound. The door opens at the top of the stairs. Liz chameleons Rover & herself.

LLW: 625pts (Bag of Everholding) SF: 700 (death points) NG202 Railgun (1d4×10mdc + 40) TJ: 475 (Bag of Everholding) VB: 450 (Bag of Everholding)

(Lizbet’s human body; known as Tyr drank to much after this so there is no continued written word.)

Darren dies, and Chase loots his body. The end.



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