Final game: Date: 11222009 @4pm. This game will be postponed for a little while and the new Cyberpunk game GM’d by Ryan will begin. Please go to the Cyberpunk game for further information.
*NEW GAME! DATE: TBD…I blame this on Duke. He was supposed to be here dammit!
*New Game! DATE: 10/31/2009. Special Guest: Duke! Different game however, Tyr will be GMing a quick White Wolf Game. I don’t know a whole lot about it. Game will start @ 4pm!

Next Game! Undetermined. Tyr has to work on the next to Sundays, but we can try for a Saturday night maybe. Stay tuned, same bat channel, same bat time!

“NOT serving food for game Sunday; October 11th. Please eat before you come and bring your own snacks! Thanks!

Next Game Date for all Players who want to do an onling game: Sunday, October 4th @ 2:30pm.*

  • Food Assignments: Everyone bring $15.00 a person & we could do wings! Or we can do $9.00 a person for Pizza. Let’s put it to a vote. Go to the forum section for the vote.
  • David/Tyr: Dessert
  • Jeremy: Pre-snack
  • Ryan/Cherie: Drinks

Welcome to your new campaign!

This campaign will eventually take place in Duragyl, a forgotten wasteland and an underground maze that will take you places and encounter things that you will ever see on any other world…or ever want to see again.

Next date of campaign will be held: See above for most current date/time.

All players MUST email me their player information including name, type, background, spells if required or any attributes required at the time of character creation. Once you have emailed me your player, there is no adjusting your character! So think carefully!

Any questions, call me or email me.

Duragyl Campaign

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